Previous series that I have created chronologically are “The Trash Series”,  a collection of 12 oil paintings suggesting a still life approach to arrangements of discarded, everyday objects; “Works on Paper”, a series of 8 paintings of unrelated subject matter which allowed more looseness in my application of oil paint onto a different painting surface; and "The Fragment Series”, a group of 12 works that juxtapose multiple images to create spatial relationships between contrasting subjects; “Art Narratives”, a series incorporating sculptural elements into my work painted on multiple wooden panels. More recent work includes “ The Animalia and Flora Series ”, a group of works that incorporate animal and floral subjects using abstracted decorative backgrounds or borders.

My art has become my voice, my means of self-expression, my visual narrative. Like a child who is asked to be seen and not heard, art is my personal method of "speaking out and being seen" as a productive force within the art community.

This website showcases my life’s work in reverse order, starting with my latest grouping of mixed media work entitled “The Shadow Series” and my last series, “Deconstructions”.  In this collection of works, I focus more on isolating my figurative images while still incorporating color, texture, and design as a major contrast effect.